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Getting Lucky Trading with the May Hits So Far!

Yo yo yo my amazing Getting Lucky Trading Fam! Just wanted to re-cap some of our May Hits so far this month:

For my personal hits, I got Lycanroc V, Galarian Sirfetch'd V, Zinnia's Resolve before I busted into

the new Dragon Ball Z Realm of the Gods Blister Packs:

Got these dope Dragon Ball Z Realm of the Gods Blister Packs. I am Chasing that God Rare along side PokeLaneYT (we both have been excited this month on the new set)! Got these hits from the blister packs: Demon God Dabura, Kusu & Angel of the Universe.

Raechalk got a Necrozma V! While this was her only hit so far this month, she won the Give Away on Tuesday!

UglyMartini13 got Shaymin V & Aggron VMAX! Congrats on graduating from college! Wooot Woot!

Thanks again everyone for coming through and having fun, as always! See everyone next week!

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