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Welcome to Our Rip & Ship Blog

Here we update and summarize some of our most memorable Rip & Ships and more with the evolution of Getting Lucky Trading that started 2021!

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We switched it up this week and got a box of the Dragon Ball Super: Realm of the Gods, Yu-Gi-Oh Ghosts from the Past: 2nd Haunting and a special Arceus Box!

PokelaneYT wet ham and broke the whole Dragon Ball Realm of the Gods box, chasing that God Rare! Also, thanks for turning everyone onto Blind Melon! We love jammin to special requests while be break boxes!

Here are some of of PokeLaneYT's DBZ Hits:

SUPER RARE SSB Vegeta, Lost Kingdom; SPECIAL RARE SSG Trunks, Power Awakened; SUPER RARE SS Vegeta, Silent Strike!

While we didn't get a Ghost Rare from our boxes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Ghosts from the Past: 2nd Haunting, we still got some amazing looking cards! Still chasing those Ghost Rares with high hopes!

And last but not least, I broke into my Arceus V box and got this dope card:

Thanks again to everyone that came through to watch us open all the cool different boxes!

Stay tuned and see you all next week!

Peace, love and LUCK!

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Yo yo yo my amazing Getting Lucky Trading Fam! Just wanted to re-cap some of our May Hits so far this month:

For my personal hits, I got Lycanroc V, Galarian Sirfetch'd V, Zinnia's Resolve before I busted into

the new Dragon Ball Z Realm of the Gods Blister Packs:

Got these dope Dragon Ball Z Realm of the Gods Blister Packs. I am Chasing that God Rare along side PokeLaneYT (we both have been excited this month on the new set)! Got these hits from the blister packs: Demon God Dabura, Kusu & Angel of the Universe.

Raechalk got a Necrozma V! While this was her only hit so far this month, she won the Give Away on Tuesday!

UglyMartini13 got Shaymin V & Aggron VMAX! Congrats on graduating from college! Wooot Woot!

Thanks again everyone for coming through and having fun, as always! See everyone next week!

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You had to be there to believe it! (or just re-watch the stream lol) We started off last week's stream with some amazing pulls! ClutchNugget lit the fire for us, starting off with this Sylvion VMax card and then onto the Rainbow Charizard! All from one box fresh box of Brilliant Stars!

And just when you think it can't be topped! I go ahead with a personal break from a random blister pack I bought, and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM! GOT that second RAINBOW CHARIZARD! Such an EPIC stream and so much fun as usual! Wasn't even sure where to go from there LOL!

Hope I see everyone this coming stream, as we finish off the month of March Madness Poke Pulls! Come get some luck!

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